How we work

A transparent and collaborative approach is key to delivering profitable, commercially-viable projects.

We pride ourselves on our broad expertise and commitment to providing a high quality, end-to-end service that transforms your ideas into exceptional, manufacturable products – quickly and successfully.

Unrivalled support from start to finish

We reduce time to market

Every aspect of our business is designed and implemented with one goal in mind – to reduce your time to market. We achieve this by cutting the time it takes to complete tasks at every stage of the project with our:

  • In-house machining & prototyping capabilities
  • Regular stock of a wide range of materials
  • Design & manufacturing facilities under one roof
  • Years of product design & development experience
  • Established relationships with trusted suppliers
  • Expert team of engineers & latest software

The way we operate means we can cut lead times from weeks to just days, so your product delivery to market and scale up is quicker without impacting on quality.

We deliver rapid resource scale up

Every project starts with the same difficulties that produce delays: recruiting and retaining skilled staff, infrastructure, investment and project scope definition.

Partnering with BE Consulting gives you access to all these resources much quicker and with reduced upfront costs. That means you can benefit from our expertise, latest software and industry contacts without having to spend the time and money investing in it all yourself.

We work in collaboration with you

Our custom cloud-based product lifecycle management system integrates seamlessly with your software to keep you informed throughout every step of your project.

The easy-to-use system keeps everything in one place and allows:

  • Both parties to work on the same data
  • Greater control over project costs
  • Cohesiveness throughout the whole product lifecycle
  • Real-time visibility of your project status no matter where you are
  • Harmonious remote working, keeping everyone involved informed
  • Your project to progress more simply and quickly

We connect you with investors

Focus on your business and securing your first early adopters rather than the challenges of raising funding with our established list of investor contacts.

From initial seed funding to pitching to venture capitalists, we ensure your project gets exposure to the right people, helping you get your product to the next level and securing your solid position in the market.

Clients that put their trust in us

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